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This article has been compiled by real professionals and seasoned gamers, as well as casino bloggers, who have decided to share their experience and knowledge regarding crypto casinos. In this article, everyone can learn about the features of LTC casinos, and what is the advantage of cooperation with such gambling and entertainment portals.

To begin with, I would like to note, that Litecoin casinos are ordinary gambling and entertainment portals operating on the Internet. This LTC casinos offer:

  • a simple and convenient registration procedure;
  • a generous system of bonuses and incentives;
  • a varied game library of the best slots;
  • fast and secure financial transactions.

And now a little more about transactions. The fact is that such online casinos offer their customers to make deposits and withdrawals of rewards based on the Litecoin currency.

With the help of our reviews and the list of the best Litecoin casinos, gamers will be able to choose for themselves high-quality and suitable gambling and entertainment portals, that would provide fair terms of cooperation, transparent gameplay, and secure financial transactions. Our rating of the best Litecoin casinos was created based on personal observations and assessments, and reviews of real customers were also taken into account.

Features of the LTC currency

Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies, it was introduced to the public and launched in 2011 on October 12th. The author of this cryptocurrency and a peer-to-peer electronic payment system is Charles Lee. The last cryptocurrency update took place on June 11, 2020. As of May 2021, 1 LTC is equivalent to 175 USD.

I would like to note, that the popularity of this cryptocurrency has influenced the gambling industry as well. So we can note the rapid emergence of relevant online institutions, that accept payments based on this type of cryptocurrency. On our site, every gamer can choose the best Litecoin casinos for himself.

Features of the assortment of the game library

Earlier it was said, that Litecoin casinos are practically no different from gambling and entertainment portals, that accept payments in the currency familiar to numerous gamers. This also applies to the gambling and entertainment software presented to customers. In the vastness of Litecoin casinos, players can observe the following categories of online gambling entertainment:

  • LTC Casino Slots — are reel slot machines, that feature classic gameplay and modern slots with modernized graphics, animation, and 3D effects.
  • Board and Card Games — this category includes rewards such as blackjack, keno, bingo, poker, and many more.
  • LTC Live casino — this category is especially popular, because it allows players to experience the maximum features of a real game with real opponents and a live dealer.

For more convenient gameplay, players are encouraged to download the mobile application to smartphones and tablets. This allows you to launch slot machines from anywhere in the world without being tied to a place of residence. And for more profitable gameplay, players can use the offers of the bonus system.

The range and variety of LTC casino bonuses

Now let’s pay a little attention to LTC casino bonuses. On our site, you will find online casinos, accepting payments in a cryptocurrency, which offer their customers a wide and varied bonus system. The range of bonuses is constantly updated, and each site offers an individual range. However, based on our constant observations and evaluations, we have identified the main offers from LTC casinos:

  • LTC casino no deposit bonus — that does not require the player to make a mandatory deposit to the game account.
  • Free spins — are accruals of free reel spins on certain slot machines.
  • Deposit bonuses — are cash or free spins, that will be credited to the player for depositing a certain amount into the game account.
  • Cashback — is a special type of bonus, that works on an ongoing basis. With its help, players can recover a certain percentage of the funds spent on launching slot machines, that did not bring income.
  • Registration bonuses — this type of incentive is offered to every new gamer upon the creation of a new account. You can get such a bonus only once.
  • Birthday bonuses — are not just a bonus, but a gift to every client in honor of his birthday.

It is important to note, that the site administration does not force its customers to take part in this or that promotion. The gamer has the right to independently decide whether he wants to receive a bonus offer, or refuse it.

LTC casinos: depositing features

Let’s take a look at the intricacies of depositing at LTC casinos. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Choose a gambling and entertainment portal.
  2. Go through registration.
  3. Verify the account.
  4. Add the crypto-wallet number to your account.
  5. Fill out an application for making a deposit.

It is important to note, that if you do not have a crypto wallet, then you need to create one first.

And one more important point is the choice of an online casino. It is important to treat the selection of a portal, where you will register and subsequently conduct gameplay for real money, carefully and thoroughly. It is not difficult to choose the best LTC deposit casino with the help of our reviews on such portals.

LTC casinos: features of withdrawal of winnings

It is very easy to withdraw LTC currency from an online casino. Moreover, an application for this type of transaction is processed in a standard way. Funds are credited to the gamer’s crypto wallet within a minimum time.

It is important to note, that players can sometimes face difficulties during the withdrawal of the reward, namely, the refusal of the administration. The reasons for this decision may be:

  • the lack of a wallet number in the player’s account;
  • the long processing of the withdrawal request;
  • an incorrectly executed transaction request.

The main thing in such situations is not to worry — your money has not gone anywhere and remains on the gaming account. In such situations, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Please, contact technical support.
  2. Explain the situation.
  3. Get clarification and advice on how to proceed.
  4. Apply for the withdrawal again, according to the recommendations of specialists.

This will help you get the money you won and spend it at your discretion.

How does technical support work?

It is important to note, that our site features LTC casinos, that offer high-quality and instant support to their customers. It is offered at any time of the day or day of the week. For convenient advice and answers to your questions, the following contacts with LTC casino technical support are offered:

  • online chat;
  • contact phone number;
  • e-mail.

The gamer can choose a convenient way of communication and get advice, when he needs it.


Can LTC casinos be called anonymous?

Litecoin casinos, like other gambling providers, that accept payments with cryptocurrencies, are distinguished by their security and anonymity. This allows players to conduct transactions without any reporting.


Do LTC casinos work legally?

The activities of LTC casinos are regulated by special bodies, the same ones, that control other gambling and entertainment portals. These casinos are licensed. Therefore, a membership with them is completely safe and legal.


Is it safe to conduct a membership with LTC-casinos in 2021?

The cryptocurrency is considered one of the safest, in addition, it provides the user with complete anonymity. Gambling establishments based on cryptocurrency are also very reliable, so the membership with them is safe.


Can I deposit in LTC and withdraw by another method?

Withdrawal of funds in gambling and entertainment establishments in itself implies the use of the payment system that was previously used for the deposit. And the activities of LTC casinos are generally based on payments using cryptocurrencies.