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Bitcoin casinos are gambling and entertainment portals, that provide their customers with a wide range of high-quality slot machines from the world leaders in online software development. These sites have interesting membership conditions. A wide range of bitcoin casino bonuses and, of course, instant and secure financial transactions.

The only thing, that distinguishes bitcoin casinos from other gambling and entertainment portals is the peculiarities of making deposits and withdrawing rewards. In this case, they happen with the help of bitcoin currency. The advantage of such sites is obvious. The advantages include:

  • clarity of work;
  • a large game library:
  • generous bonuses from Bitcoin casinos;
  • full confidentiality;
  • maximum protection for each client.

These are just some of the benefits of being a bitcoin casino member. However, it is already possible to draw objective conclusions regarding the convenience of cooperation with an online casino using bitcoin currency.

Bitcoin casino bonuses: types and variety

It is important to note, that bonuses in bitcoin casinos are practically no different from those rewards offered by other gambling and entertainment portals. That is, incentives here are not tied in any way to the currency and its features. Moreover, it is very common to find general promotions, that are offered by the bulk of reliable online clubs.

In particular, the following types of bitcoin casino bonuses:

  • A welcome promotion
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Free spins
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Cashback

Each type of promotion has its terms and conditions of use. Moreover, in each bitcoin casino, they are individual, although there are still common features.

A welcome promotion

Welcome Bonuses in Bitcoin Casinos — is a type of promotion. Which is intended for new clients of the gamvbling and entertainment portal. Its essence is to attract a new audience to the site. Welcome plan rewards can be:

  • no deposit;
  • deposit.

They may also differ in content and composition. Gamers can be offered as a welcome bonus from Bitcoin casinos:

  • free spins;
  • funds;
  • a package of two types of bonus offers.

The type of welcome bonuses depends on the specifics of the gambling portal’s policy.

Bonuses for replenishment of the gaming account

Matched Deposit Bonuses in Bitcoin Casinos — is a promotion, that can be offered to both newcomer gamers and active customers of the portal. Its essence lies in the fact, that the client receives a certain bonus for depositing the amount. As a rule, the conditions of such an incentive describe the required minimum deposit.

Most often, this type of incentive can be found on the first or first few deposits. In some cases, the site administration offers similar incentives to active players, who have not visited the portal for a long time or have not replenished their accounts.

Free spins: bonus features

Free Spins in Bitcoin Casinos — is a type of reward, the essence of which is that the player is offered a certain number of free reel spins. These rotations are provided:

  • a wager (wagering conditions);
  • validity periods;
  • a specific slot machine for using free spins;
  • the maximum available withdrawal amount.

Free spins can be offered to the client as a welcome promotion, upon the release of a new slot machine on the site, in honor of a birthday, and on other occasions. Players love to receive free spins, because with their help they can study the peculiarities of a particular slot, and prepare in more detail for real gameplay.

No deposit promotional offers

No Deposit Bonuses in Bitcoin Casinos — is one of the favorite types of rewards for players. It provides customers with the ability to conduct gameplay without any obligation or risk. At the same time, the player has every chance to receive a real reward, and cash it out in the future.

There are two types of no deposit incentives:

  • funds;
  • free spins.

They can also be offered to gamers for various reasons. Most often you can see no deposit bonuses just as a welcome promotion. Sometimes players receive such a gift in honor of their birthday or another occasion – but this is very rare.

Loyalty program

Loyalty Schemes in Bitcoin Casinos — is not a specific promotion, but a lot of favorable offers and membership conditions for different categories of gamers. Based on the loyalty program, there is a certain number of statuses, that are gradually achieved by the members of the gambling and entertainment club. By promoting and increasing their status, the gamer receives more favorable terms of membership. Based on the loyalty program, gamers can receive:

  • higher cashback percentages;
  • more rewards;
  • more convenient wagering conditions;

Achievement of one or another status in the loyalty program by the player is due to the client’s activity, the frequency of making a deposit, the number of funds used in the gameplay.

A return of lost funds

Cashback in Bitcoin Casinos — is a return of a certain percentage of border funds in slot machines. It is important to understand, that the amount of cashback is calculated only for those investments of the gamer, that did not bring him income. Most often, cashback is provided to Bitcoin casino players during the week, that is, over the past seven days.

The return percentage can be different: from 3% to 20%. This indicator depends on a particular gambling institution and the status of the client, based on the loyalty program. The provided funds are not available for withdrawal, they must be used for betting in slots. Sometimes cashback can have a specific wager. In some cases, this type of promotion is not burdened with such conditions.

Bonuses in bitcoin casinos: features of the work of rewards

Studying gambling and entertainment portals operating on regular currency and bitcoin casinos, one can draw a special conclusion: the latest casinos offer their customers higher and more generous bonus offers. As a rule, the bonus program at bitcoin casinos is more varied, and the amounts of bonuses provided are distinguished by higher rates.

The advantages of the bitcoin casino bonuses are obvious:

  • an increased frequency of rewards;
  • more favorable wagering conditions;
  • bonuses are distinguished by higher rates;
  • withdrawal of winnings from bonuses is distinguished by a high speed.

This can explain the replenishment of Bitcoin casinos. After all, when choosing a gambling and entertainment establishment, gamers pay special attention to the club’s bonus system. After all, with its help, players receive more favorable terms of membership and increased chances of receiving generous rewards.